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Why is Health and Safety Induction Training For Employees Important? 

Records over the years have shown that nearly 50% of workplace accidents involve young and new workers and this is seen to occur within the first six months on the job. A well designed and effective safety orientation & HSE training is the leading way to ward off the potential for accidents. Employers have legal obligation to ensure a safe and healthy place of work for workers even before they start working. Experienced or old workers will required a new orientation or refresher training as applicable if work situations change, unsafe acts and conditions are common or new hazards arise. This training must be custom-made to the type of workplace and ongoing.

Training is scheduled upon booking of training. Duration is customised to your business/organisation's training needs.

Training frame is ergonomically friendly to make your training experience wholesome. We make learning easy and impactful.

  • The benefits of HSE training are numerous. HSE training program helps you demonstrate that you have system in place for Health, Safety and Security of your workforce and that you are highly committed to conformance with high health and safety standards. 
  • Whether you are a start up business or growing company/enterprise, fulfilling your legal obligations to health and safety may seem like an overwhelming and pricey task at first. Especially, new businesses tend to not even think of health and safety as an integral part of their business and put it at the bottom of their priorities - with the thought or plan to visit it later when their is need or time for it. 
  • Having to write policies, hiring a safety officer or training existing worker(s) to assume the role of a safety officer or procuring personal protective equipment (PPE) for workers and all sounds like a hell of a task? Perhaps so, but besides trying to comply with regulations, considerations to workplace safety can save your business money from business interruption caused by accidents or workers compensation/insurance, provide you opportunity to deliberate on how you do business and boost productivity and reduce absenteeism. 
  • Speaking of absenteeism in your workplace, having a good security, health and safety system is a sure bet to mitigate that. Workers will be motivated to put in their best to jobs that gives them a sense of confidence in the management they serve. This is one major key to utilising the best of human resources (workers).

Investing in health and safety ultimately puts your company or business forward as a reliable and trustworthy brand to do business with and builds a positive and healthy forward motion relationship with clients, investors, contractors, and workers. 

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