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Who We Are

From training to certification, consulting and outsourcing services – for us it’s all centered on solutions, empathy and progress. We are a multi-professional institution and organisation with a foremost passion for Health, Safety and Environment as well as any useful and relevant skills that is capable of transforming lives and fostering continual development and progress.

We love to learn, collaborate and build for success. Our success is not only tied to our work, but to our attitude, approach to work and more especially our people. 

We are absolutely dedicated to enhancing lives.

Absolute HSE Co. Ltd – HSE Training And Certification Institute was founded with a mission to deliberately inspire and enrich lives with purpose, vision, skills and opportunities for sustainable success.

As an organization and as individuals, we are constantly thinking of how we could serve better and make notable impact. One way to make a change is to solve a problem and for us, it’s that effective delivery of, and utilization of knowledge seems truncated.

Our organization is concentrated on removing any knowledge or professional development obscurantism & complexity by way of offering explicit, practical-based and student-centered training to accommodate the various learning styles whilst empowering lives to maximize their potentials through professional guidance, mentorship, networking and knowledge utilization opportunities – making it budget-friendly, relevant and convenient in order to breed agents of positive change in the African community and world at large.​

We have understood that it takes empathy, ingenuity and collaboration to achieve this aim, hence our values. Our founders are energetic minds, certified and experienced professionals that have a passion for knowledge transference and have been in the knowledge-based industry for more than a demi-decade. We consider ourselves as human development experts.​

Don't wonder, when you can contact us

Feel free to reach out to us with any enquiries. We are very welcoming and open to discussing new projects, interesting ideas, work opportunities with us and community service events.

No matter your schedule, location or goals, we have a highly effective system of online training for you. Get where you want to be without limits of distance, time and training costs.

We know exactly what you are here for and we are well equipped for that. Let’s get you started, certified and good to go in no time!

Our onsite HSE training for your team capacity building is flexible and highly simplified for the best learning experience for employees. Train up to four members of your workforce at a well-discounted rate.

Our Vision

To be a leading training and development company in Africa, providing a platform of world-class training and development services through an active approach by our humane and experienced management team.

Our Mision

To contribute to the enrichment of the African economy through consulting and professional services in an innovative and sustainable approach by capitalizing on the expertise of our highly trained management team and corporate partnerships.

Our Commitment

We place first-class value on our clients and all that encounters us. As an organization and as individuals, we are constantly thinking of how we could serve you better and make every experience with us worthwhile.

We and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030

SDG4: Quality Education

Means of implementation

(1.) Safe & inclusive learning environments: We have in place policies on inclusive education.
(2.) Teachers’ training and working conditions: We understand that our instructors’ working condition benefits both the students as well as the instructors, hence we have in place proper work ergonomics, physical & mental health support and access to continuing professional development.

SDG3: Health and Well‐being

Means of implementation

  • SDG3 cannot be achieved without the other SDGs.
    Emergency preparedness:
    Collectively, we can strengthen the capacity of our countries, in particular developing countries for risk reduction and management by way of equipping our communities with skills on medical emergency preparedness, increasing awareness on non-communicable and infectious diseases risk and management.
  • Since 2022, we have running, free community first aid training for all. By March 2023, we will commence our medical outreach to remote communities to provide funded medical checks and treatments for selected medical conditions. Be a part of us.

SDG8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Means of implementation

  • Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all: We offer internship opportunities, job placement assistance for qualified trainees, capacity building for our staff, equal pay for equal work and an inclusive workforce.

SDG13: Climate Action

Means of implementation

  • Climate Change Mitigation: We seek to achieve SDG 13 through education on environmental sustainability on areas of pollution and waste management. Our facility has invested in solar energy to reduce our carbon footprint and will continue to improve on this. We also provide industries with innovative strategies on improving their waste management system and chemical spill control.

Our Values Define US