What Is Manual Handling About?

Manual Handling has to do with a wide range of activities such as lifting, lowering, carrying, pulling and pushing. If done incorrectly, these seeming basic activities can poses the risk of injuries or even death.

According to Health and Safety Executive (HSE) UK, a whooping one-third of work-related injuries results from workers engaging in manual handling activities. Often, manual handling injuries are quite cumulative in nature, that is, individuals affected may not notice the damage to their bodies until breaking point.

One common effect of manual handling is Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs). Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) are injuries or disorders that affect the muscles, joints, nerves, tendons, cartilage and spinal discs. These injuries are not only painful and debilitating but can become a temporary or permanent disability to the affected person. 

Other injuries that could arise from manual handling tasks include cuts by the load, bruises, fracture or dislocation from falls while moving load and/or even property damage. The worst case of incorrect manual handling activities can result in loss of life as in the case of objects falling from a height onto persons below (a common working at height nightmare).

2 Days

Time: 10 am - 2 pm daily. Training frame is ergonomically friendly to make your training experience wholesome. We make learning easy and impactful.

Classes are scheduled weekly for a new batch all year round. Feel free to communicate with us and we will align you with our scheduled classes.

It is important to note that the best way to prevent injuries when handling materials/loads is avoid manual handling. To avoid manual handling, material handling tasks should be mechanised or if possible, lifting of loads should be avoided altogether. 

The chances of one getting injured from a manual handling activity, are influenced by many factors such as repetition, force, posture, environment, etc.

Nonetheless, if manual handling must be done, manual handling risk assessment must be carried out and best practices should be adopted. 

Incorrect manual handling incidents can bring serious consequences to businesses and workers such as medical expenses, workers compensation, absenteeism, lower workers' morale, damage to property, work/business interruption, permit violation and legal liability.

To significantly avoid or reduce these negative effects of manual handling, proper training on safe manual handling techniques and workers having a solid safety attitude is of essence.

  • Introduction to the concept of manual handling.
  • Manual Handling hazards and risk assessment.
  • Correct manual handling methodology
  • The use of PPE 
  • Job Safety Analysis for manual handling
  • Effective stretching exercises for manual handling
  • To understand the optimal human posture.
  • Acknowledge and be aware of the dangers of manual handling. 
  • Acknowledge the limitations and variations of manual handling activities.
  • Be able to perform correct manual handling operations. 
  • Know the role of the employer towards manual handling. 


Yes! Available to those unable to attend classroom training is the online self-study training mode and the instructor led online (Zoom) training mode options.

N20,000 (Classroom Training) 

N15,000 (Online Self-study Training) 

N23,000 (Instructor-led Online Training)

Course fee takes care of everything about your registration, training, instructional materials, assessment, certification, (daily lunch for classroom mode of training).

There are no specific formal requirement for this course. The Manual handling course is open to all. Workers in the transportation/logistics, engineering, construction, warehouse facilities, oil and gas rig helping and allied sectors will benefit highly from the manual handling training and certificate.

We deliver training nation-wide as we provide varieties of training options regardless of distance and schedule. 

Lagos Training Center: 2nd Floor, Suite 315, 117  Shasha Road Road, Beside Mobil Filling Station, Akowonjo, Lagos.

Abuja Training Center: 2nd Floor, Othni Plaza, Nouakchott Street, Wuse Zone 1 by NDE Office, Abuja.

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We offer you the convenience of paying in installments as you train with us.

We Are Internationally and Locally Accredited:

Absolute HSE Co. Ltd (HSE Training And Certification Institute)  is accredited by the World Safety Organisation (Special Consultative Status To The United Nations ECOSOC) in compliance with ISO/IEC 17024:2012 and International Accrediting Commission For Safety and Environmental Education Training (IACSEET). Certificates issued are recognised and accepted world-wide and ranks well amongst other safety certifications.

Excellent, Experienced and Dedicated Course Instructors: 

Our instructors fundamentally possess solid educational background, experience and teaching skills (plus continuing professional development) in the area of training they specialise in and are trained life coaches. Our instructors employ the best training method to ensure easy understanding and an enjoyable training session for you. 

Guidance and Access To Job/Internship Opportunities:

We will guide you throughout and even after the training to explore this fulfilling career path.


Most frequent questions and answers

Upon successful completion of this training program, you will be issued a globally recognised Manual Handling Competency Certificate.

Organisations or companies that opt for the corporate training get awarded an endorsed certificate record of corporate training (attestation certificate) from HSE Training And Certification Institute at no extra cost.

Upon completion of your training/course and assessment, it takes about a week or a maximum of 2 weeks for your certificate(s) to be ready for pick up at our office. You will definitely get a notification from us once it is ready for pick up. 

If it is not convenient for you to pick up the hard copy of the certificate, you can request for soft copies to be sent to your email pending the time you are free to pick it up.  Or we could send your hard copy certificate via courier to your location but for a small fee.

It’s easy. All you have to do is: 

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