The waste management sector is a rapid growing essential industry that encompasses the collection, transport, recycling, treatment, processing, disposal and monitoring of waste gotten from various sources such as households, industries and commercial facilities.

Waste management involves Solid, Liquid, Gaseous and Radioactive substances, with different method or fields of expertise for each. It is no longer news that the waste industry not only in Nigeria or Africa but globally is worth billions and is expected to increase as human population will keep increasing.

Waste is put into three basic classes - domestic, industrial and hazardous wastes. The concept of waste is so vast that to venture into the waste industry, you will need to decide on an area of specialization. This includes: general solid waste (putrescible & non-putrescible, restricted/special solid waste and e-waste), liquid waste (organic & inorganic liquid and special/restricted liquid waste), and gaseous waste.

Flexible: You study at your own pace.


  • Introduction to the Waste management and Environmental system
  • Principles of waste management
  • Hazardous waste and materials handling
  • Role of responsible personnel and stakeholders in the waste sector.
  • General waste disposal and treatment method
  • Recycling technology and waste management entrepreneurship

This course is free. 

Certificate option: N40,000  N20,000

The waste management training course is open to all regardless of educational background or profession. Professionals like HSE personnel, Staff responsible for managing hazardous wastes, Contamination control team, Laboratory technicians and Environmental consultants will find this course beneficial and a profitable skill to include in one's resume'.

Available as online (self-study) training.