Use of PPE Training for Employees

We offer PPE procurement services to companies. You are always entitled to maximum protection and the best of service. All Absolute HSE Co. Ltd products are sourced from leading international partners, ensuring the best quality possible and technical standards.

Why manage health and safety?

There are three core reasons why organisations must manage health and safety; moral, legal and financial reasons. As per health and safety laws, employers have a responsibility to provide safe working environment, safe equipment/tools, safe systems of work, training and competence of workers. If these health and safety measures are not in place, accidents and its resulting costs are bound to occur.

Accident prevention measures.

When it comes to accident prevention, one method or control may not be sufficient, hence complementary measures are adopted. 

Method for preventing accidents fall under 5 categories.

1. Elimination

Elimination refers to the process of physically removing the hazards.

Examples of elimination include keeping away flammables from sources of heat, working at ground level instead of at height, removing wires and clutter from walkway etc.

2. Substitution

Substitution is replacing the hazard with a less hazardous or relatively safer alternative. 

Examples of substitution control include replacing a noisy equipment with a less noisy one, using an ergonomic chair in the place of a regular chair, using bio-degradable packaging in the place of plastic packaging, replacing a a complex work procedure with a simpler method etc.

3. Engineering

Engineering control is about creating isolation between people or equipment and the hazard.

Examples of engineering control include installing guards around moving parts of machines, trunking of electrical cables, barricading hazardous work areas to keep others out etc. 

4. Administrative

Administrative control entails putting procedures, directives and policies in place to change the way people work. 

Examples of administrative control include use of signage, providing training, safety toolbox talks etc. 

5. PPE

PPE stands for personal protective equipment. These are apparel and equipment worn or held by workers to create a barrier against workplace hazards. 

Examples of PPE control include use of safety glasses, helmet, hand gloves etc. 

Accident Prevention

Note: PPE is considered as a last resort when it comes to accident prevention, however, in some instances PPE can be the only option and last saving grace when all the other measures fail.

Workers must be trained on the correct and appropriate usage and how to carry out risk assessment on the PPE they use. The PPE issued to workers must be authentic, specific to the job hazard it is meant for and comfortable for the worker because the wrong type of, or defective and uncomfortable PPE can be in itself a hazard to workers or anyone else it is assigned to.

The PPE safety training is scheduled upon booking. Duration of training is 2 days; 10 am – 3 pm and customised to your business/organisation’s training needs.

Training frame is ergonomically friendly to make your training experience wholesome. We make learning easy and impactful.

N20,000 (Classroom Training) 

N15,000 (Online Self-study Training) 

Course fee takes care of everything about your registration, training, instructional materials, assessment, certification, (daily lunch for classroom mode of training).

The PPE safety training can be done onsite (your facility), online or at our training centers.

Lagos Training Center: 2nd Floor, Suite 315, 117  Shasha Road Road, Beside Mobil Filling Station, Akowonjo, Lagos.

Abuja Training Center: 2nd Floor, Othni Plaza, Nouakchott Street, Wuse Zone 1 by NDE Office, Abuja.

We deliver training nation-wide with varieties of training options regardless of distance and schedule. 

Budget Friendly and Flexible Payment Plan:

We offer you the convenience of paying in installments as you train with us. You can spread your payment until your exams.

We Are Internationally and Locally Accredited:

Absolute HSE Co. Ltd (HSE Training And Certification Institute) is accredited by the World Safety Organisation (Special Consultative Status To The United Nations ECOSOC) in compliance with ISO/IEC 17024:2012 and International Accrediting Commission For Safety and Environmental Education Training (IACSEET). Certificates issued are recognised and accepted world-wide and ranks well amongst other safety certifications.

Excellent, Experienced and Highly Qualified Course Instructors: 

Our instructors fundamentally possess solid educational background, experience and teaching skills (plus continuing professional development) in the area of training they specialise in and are trained life coaches. Our instructors employ the best training method to ensure easy understanding and an enjoyable training session for you. 

Holistic HSE Consultancy Services:

We offer diverse HSE services to suit the complex needs of any organisation. You can count on us to manage your occupational health and safety objectives and needs.

1. Fill the registration form to register. You can Register here

2. Pay the course fee by bank deposit, transfer or cheque in favour of: 

Absolute HSE Co. LTD; United Bank for Africa (UBA): 1024243451 

3. Send proof of payment and form to [email protected] or via whatsapp 0912-913-3030.

We customise the PPE safety training to suit your needs and budget. We offer both certification and non-certification training programs based on your request.

Our PPE safety training and certification program is accredited by the World Safety Organisation, WSO. WSO holds a special consultative status to the united nations ECOSOC and all training programs/courses is in compliance with ICAC (international Certification Accreditation Council).