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WSO HSE training comprehensively covers the general plus advanced HSE Level and will certify students as HSE supervisors in line with international standards.

This general HSE level 1 and 2 training is also considered as the basic HSE training and will provide you with all the practical skills to work as a health and safety officer.

This course exposes you to the advanced concepts of workplace safety, health and environmental awareness and the fundamentals of managing safety.

First aid training provide you with the skills, knowledge and certification to potentially save lives. A career in health and safety, especially in the niche of first aid and CPR is absolutely indispensable and rewarding.

The Behaviour-Based Safety training and certification program is vital and open to those in management or seeking management positions and everyone who works in an organization irrespective of occupation.

It is no longer news that the waste industry not only in Nigeria or Africa but globally is worth billions of naira and is expected to increase as human population will keep increasing. Explore wealth from waste while tackling a major global issue.

The Food Safety, Hygiene and Handling training course has been expertly developed in accordance to WHO standards. This course is aimed at enabling food workers identify where issues could emerge in the food chain and stop them. You will learn about food and its impact on public health, guidelines for safe purchasing, handling & preparation of foods and IPM.

Workplace conflict can have bad effects on both the workforce and the organisation. Conflict resolution skills is a vital for anyone in management, sales or supervision role in any setting. This conflict management training is a highly beneficial continuing professional development course for professionals.

The Emergency Preparedness, Response and Management Training and Certification will equip you with the skills and knowledge to effectively plan and respond to emergencies in the workplace and anywhere else.

According to Health and Safety Executive (HSE) UK, a whooping one-third of work-related injuries results from manual Handling. Having a manual handling and risk assessment training comes is essential.

The general safety training for the hotel and tourism service personnel ensures that workers and management have the right training to keep the business operating effectively.

According to OSHA fact sheet, an estimation of 120 workplace fatalities and 50,000 injuries occur each year from uncontrolled hazardous energy. Learn about hazardous energy control here.

Mental illnesses are common among youths and adults. 1 in 5 adults is faced with mental illnesses each year. Mental health first aid (MHFA) training provides you with the skill and knowledge you need to help someone experiencing mental plight and even substance-use crisis.

This workplace ergonomics course is highly beneficial for individuals in management positions, HSE supervisors, HR personnel, office workers, facility managers/process engineers, risk mangers and warehouse supervisors, business owners and anyone passionate about occupational safety and health.

Good housekeeping is a crucial part of safety. OSHA makes good housekeeping a workplace safety requirement. OSHA requires a tidy and clean workplace because they are safer. Learn the principles of workplace good housekeeping safety.

HACCP is the globally recognised standard for ensuring that food safety hazards are identified and controlled in all aspects of food production/preparation for protection of public health and legal compliance with food laws.

Permit To Work (PTW) system forms a part of a safe system of working for high-risk jobs. 

The Permit To Work course and certification is a mandatory requirement for industry workers.

This environmental awareness training and certification is a step in the right direction towards environmental health compliance for companies and a highly satisfying career for individuals. This training meets the requirement of ISO 14001 for companies.

Environmental Impact Assessment is a vital part of socio-economic sustainability. EIAs are carried out in various industries such as the oil and gas, construction, mining, forestry, agriculture, manufacturing and others. Become an EIA Specialist.

A career in industrial hygiene and safety is a highly rewarding one in the field of occupational safety and health. Industrial hygienists are key players in the health and safety system of a company as their jobs entails identifying, assessing and implementing effective measures for controlling workplace hazards.

Accident/incident investigation provides valuable information on company’s safety performance. It is highly imperative that incidents are properly investigated as soon as possible to determine the root cause of the problem which is vital to preventing a re-occurrence and strengthening your safety system.

Fire risk assessment is carried out to identify hazards and fire risks to a to facility or premises as a proactive measure to fire prevention. This fire risk assessment training provides you the skills and knowledge required to carry out standard fire risk assessment and monitoring of the fire protection system of any facility.

Working at height will always be a hazardous job. It contributes to the major causes of workplace fatalities and injuries.
If a work at height has no serious precautions in place it is liable to cause injury to those working at that height or around such working platform. There are strict regulations on working at height.

Fire is a deadly destructive force. It is fast and a major killer. Within thirty seconds, a small blaze of fire can become a disaster. This basic fire fighting and rescue training will certify you to become a skilled responder to incipient fires and rescue victims of a fire incident.

Confined spaces are potentially hazardous spaces. Confined spaces may have hazards such as lack of breathable air, extreme temperatures, hazardous gases, dust or loose powders or liquids that might engulf you. This well designed OSHA standard confined space entry training will certify you competent to work in confined spaces.

Safe Handling of chemicals (SHOC) and Hazard communication (HAZCOM) is important for anyone who works with or is required to handle chemicals which can hazardous to health, safety and the environment. This chemical safety training will certify you to work safely with chemicals involving the transport, use, storage and disposal of chemicals.

This caregiving course covers care for seniors and persons living with disabilities and is part of training and development for healthcare and social workers. You will earn 15 CPD points on completion of the course, this course will take around 15 hours to complete and the certificate will last for two years.

Due to the complexity and variety of tasks carried out on a construction site, it can be a very dangerous occupation even for the most skilled worker. This construction safety training and certification will provide you with industry standard knowledge on construction safety.

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