Become an Absolute Partner

We  believe in collaboration. It helps us solve problems, makes us more efficient, promotes innovative ideas and brings people (and organisations) closer together.

Who Is An Absolute Partner?

Absolute Partner Type 1

An accredited organisation/academy across the continent of Africa that offers up-to-date professional training or courses covering a variety of in-demand courses across tech, business and management, oil and gas, development and any other sector or field can become an absolute partner.

Absolute Partner Type 2

An experienced professional with an extensive background in any industry can apply to become an Absolute Partner. 

Quality instructors are vital to successful live class experiences for our students. We will only work with knowledgeable professionals committed to life-long learning, with a focus on effective communication between lecturer and students and passion for leadership and knowledge inculcation. Our Instructors earn extra income on a flexible schedule.

Absolute Partner Type 3

Organisations and Individuals with a considerable level of experience or passion and knowledge in any field can become an Absolute Partner by Volunteering in services that gives back to African communities transnationally.

Absolute Partner Type 4

We are open to promotional affiliation. This type of partners do not engage in training but instead promote HSE Training And Certification Institute (Absolute HSE Co.) to a specific audience.


Emergency Preparedness And Response For All

As part of our core values which are altruism, community-giving, service and safety & health, Absolute HSE Co. is reaching workplaces in the country to provide practical knowledge and skill in Emergency Preparedness and Response for workplaces.

Why emergency preparedness matters

Nobody wishes for emergencies or crises to occur, hence it's often an overlooked part of living or existence. From medical crises to catastrophic accidents to insecurity problems, emergencies and disasters fill our world. While many find it uncomfortable to consider such difficult situations, ignoring their existence can increase the likelihood that they will occur and the consequences that follow.

There’s no benefit in ignoring risks and hoping you can figure things out after an emergency or disaster strikes. But there are plenty of benefits to emergency preparedness.

Medical Emergency

Fire Emergency

Security Emergency