Don't let your CV/Resume' get in the bin even before it is opened!

Write an ATS-Standard CV/Resume’.

You found a great job opening ad, took time to write and customize resume and a cover letter, then you go ahead and submit just in time. You have your fingers crossed as you mentally prepare for the possibility of a response from the hiring organisation for an interview but sadly, this doesn’t happen and you are left to many assumptions such as “oh there must be so many overqualified applicants, or online jobs are faux!” etc whereas your resume was lost! Not even discovered.

How Could your Resume’ be lost when you submitted to the write email address?

Well, we are a tech-powered era such that even the recruitment industry utilises bots to help find the best talents amongst myriads of applicants which helps make the job of the recruiter much easier. This is where the ATS standard comes to play.

Many job seekers are not aware that the vast majority of recruiters utilise a software called Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that is built to scan resumes’ or CV and rank them as part of the applicant selection process for a job role.

Hence, it is imperative to write and optimise your resume’ or CV such that the ATS software will accurately read it. An ATS-friendly CV or resume will land you on the recruiter’s desk each time. This is the type of CV or resume’ that is well formatted with the right keywords and meets the criteria set forth by the ATS software. 

In conclusion, this is the CV or resume’ you ultimately need to land your next role.

Let’s help you get right on track!

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