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Our expert services cut across the oil and gas, construction, maritime and general industry which include but is not limited to: Safety Documentation Development in areas such as HACCP (Food Safety Management System) and Facility auditing, HSE Plan and Policies, Risk Assessment, Hazard and Effect Management Process, emergency and contingency Action Plans, Incident and accident Investigation, HSE Manuals, Signage, Posters and Notices.

Other services available include: HSE Department and HACCP Team Development, HSE Outsourcing, Supply of PPE and Equipment for Fire Prevention and Control, and Industrial Hygiene.

safety products and services

We cater for the complex needs of organisations for sustainable progress.

Safety Documentation

Safety meeting and toolbox talk

Health and safety centered office/workshop/site layout design

Recruitment of highly qualified and experienced safety supervisors and engineers

Supply of PPE, first aid and fire prevention & fighting equipment

Team capacity building and performance coaching

Integrated Pest Management and Facility Cleaning (Housekeeping)

Safety Manuals, signage and posters

Branding, content creation and web development

Digital Marketing

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