What materials are needed for you to train online?

1. A Laptop/ desktop computer or a browsing phone/ tablet.

If you are using a desktop computer, you need to have good electricity or have a back-up electricity supply. A laptop is preferable. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have a computer. You can use your smart phone instead. It’s also good that you have an internet connection. Be rest assured, our online courses are designed in such a way that your data doesn’t get much used up.

2. A writing notebook and a pen

3. You may need an earpiece: to listen to training audios and videos.

Tips to making your online training productive and successful

1. Treat the online training as a “real course”.

2. Time management is important. Create a daily or weekly schedule that you will follow.

3. Be Disciplined. Hold yourself accountable. You must be able to say to yourself “get seated, you need to learn”, and really get seated.

4. Manage distractions.

5. Don’t hesitate to eat. It’s important for brain efficiency. Be wary of heavy meals that may send you to sleep.

6. Take breaks. You may need to get up and stretch and move around or engage in some minutes of fun or restful activity. This ensures good ergonomics and help reset your brain to accommodate more information when you resume studying again.

7. It’s good to have a study space.

8. Study in bits. Don’t attempt to learn everything at a go. Implement proper studying pace that suits you. 

9. Ask questions not skip them. It’s important to write down aspects of your training that are unclear to you as you study. 

10. Summarise what you have learned for the day and revisit before the start of your next study. This enhances understanding and knowledge reinforcement.